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About Us

Discover the ultimate solution for efficient financial trading with Nanjing AcceleCom Information and Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2012. Based in Jinling, the historic Capital of Six Dynasties, we are at the forefront of the hardware acceleration field, leveraging FPGA technology to achieve unparalleled performance. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us global recognition and rapid growth.

We are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of different industries and customers, providing systematic solutions that can be quickly applied to quantitative trading. Our independently developed low-latency quantitative trading system platform technology is widely regarded as a top-tier product in China’s financial technology industry, delivering microsecond-level (one millionth of a second) overall financial trading solutions for institutional users such as securities, futures, and fund companies. Our core systems, including hardware market data, trading terminals, and risk control gateways, have already been widely adopted throughout China. Join us in experiencing the unparalleled efficiency and reliability of our solutions, and take your financial trading to the next level.

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Regulatory Clients (e.g. CSRC/Exchange)

Nanosecond-level detection
significantly improves overall response speed.

In addition to catering to institutional users, our risk control and compliance detection functionalities can also be applied to the trading front-end of exchanges.

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Futures/Securities Company

Efficient and comprehensive risk protection
with simplicity and effectiveness.

We have developed an advanced real-time risk control and compliance detection system, leveraging hardware chips, to meet the specific requirements of institutional users, including futures and securities companies. This cutting-edge system complements our existing order execution and management capabilities, enhancing overall performance.

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Institutional / Personal Accounts

Intelligent chips for
Micro-Second order execution.

We have launched an ultra-fast order execution and management system, based on smart chips, specifically tailored for domestic users, including private equity and hedge funds.

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FPGA-based Market Data Acceleration System

Nanosecond-level response time
The fastest and most accurate information channel

AcceleCom XELE-MD is a market data (MD) acceleration system based on FPGA hardware technology, with sub-microsecond response speed. The FPGA data transmission system provides faster and more accurate information channels with nanosecond response speed. It plays a critical role as a key component in a high-performance, ultra-fast trading system tailored for high-end investors in securities and futures, as well as fund investment firms and industry giants.

AcceleCom XELE-MD hardware-based MD acceleration system is available in two modes: Share and Local. Both modes are provided for securities and futures markets.

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Ultra-fast Risk Control Trading System

Submicrosecond-level Trading System

XELE-TRADE is an ultra-fast trading counter system based on FPGA hardware technology, with nanosecond response speed. It provides pre-trade risk control and compliance detection, is a comprehensive solution tailored for VIP clients in securities and futures, as well as fund management institutions and industry giants. As a complete risk control system, XELE-TRADE supports configuration of risk control parameters based on trader characteristics, ensuring comprehensive risk protection.

AcceleCom XELE-TRADE hardware-based ultra-fast trading counter is available in two versions: for securities, and for futures.

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Nanosecond Precision Latency Testing System

Real-time Detection
Real-time Latency
Time accuracy is up to 3.3 nanoseconds

XELE-TEST is a hardware-based real-time trading latency detection system designed to meet the precise latency detection needs of high-frequency trading. This system provides real-time detection for individual devices or the entire trading process with nanosecond-level detection precision.

The XELE-TEST system is specifically tailored for high-end users and institutions in securities and futures, as well as professional fund investment firms and industry giants. It plays a critical role in high-performance trading systems. By leveraging the XELE-TEST system, users will be able to evaluate and optimize the latency performance of their trading systems, ensuring compliance with requirements and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

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Nanosecond-level latency
Sufficient number of service ports

XELE-SW1 is a one-layer switch product introduced by AcceleCom, providing 48 10Gb service ports.

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User Feedback

As long-time users of AcceleCom, we have witnessed the company’s unwavering dedication to representing the cutting-edge productivity and progressive services of the industry, as well as the aspirations of industry professionals. AcceleCom upholds the principles of scientific development and actively contributes to the FPGA industry while promoting a harmonious society. Throughout various industry cycles, they have remained steadfast in their commitment to their original mission, continuously striving to fulfill the Chinese dream. AcceleCom is the lifelong choice for your trading career!

Haohan Yuan Co-founder of Berkeley Brothers.

Our initial encounter with AcceleCom introduced us to a high-frequency system supplier that leverages hardware acceleration technology. CEO Mr. Qin is a highly professional and pragmatic individual. Although soft-spoken, his confidence and sincerity instill a sense of trust within a short period. As technology enthusiasts driven by natural curiosity and dedication, we engaged in deep discussions with Mr. Qin, who possesses extensive knowledge of every technical detail. Through thorough preliminary communication, our collaboration naturally fell into place. We express our gratitude to AcceleCom for setting a new benchmark in the development of the futures industry with their professionalism. We eagerly anticipate continuing our deep collaboration and creating even greater value for our customers.

Fang Xing General Manager of CITIC Futures.

We have initiated our fintech collaboration with AcceleCom, recognizing that technology is the primary driver of productivity. The incorporation of new fintech elements will undoubtedly elevate the IT service level for our member units, ultimately enhancing the overall production efficiency of the industry.

Longhui Zhong Senior Engineer at Shanghai Stock Exchange Technology Co., Ltd.

Extensively utilizing AcceleCom’s full range of products over an extended period has significantly enhanced the overall competitiveness of our futures company. It has attracted a larger number of investment clients, and the domestic market universally recognizes the product’s leading technology and stability. We have successfully achieved secure, reliable, and fast programmatic automated trading in its entirety.

Tiejun He Technical Director of Haitong Futures.

Having collaborated with AcceleCom for several years, we deeply appreciate their dedication to technological research and their application of this commitment to market and transaction acceleration. This has led to the establishment of a market-leading brand. We wholeheartedly congratulate them for achieving greater accomplishments under the leadership of Dr. Qin!

Xuewen Guo CEO, MY Capital